Claim tokens


Tokens that have been created as outlined in Create tokens, can be claimed.


Submitting a claim is the first step to obtaining a balance on the token in question. Once made, it shows up under My previous claims. Claims there can be in one of three stages:

  • In red with a prompt to Submit proof, this is the default after submitting a new claim
  • In green, the approved state, which also means that a balance has to be minted to the claimer
  • In gray, the rejected state, if one or more of the proofs got manually or automatically rejected

A click on the filter-icon in the top right corner will open a menu that allows you to hide or show claims based on their three stages.


For a claim to be successful, all the verifiers specified by the token creator have to receive proof from the user and get approved - automatically or by the chosen person, group or sensor. A proof submission site might look like this.


Here, a verifier is shown (ClaimableOnlyNTimes) that didn’t have to be initated manually. It belongs to the category of verifiers that automatically give their approval or rejection once a claim is made.

Once all verifiers received proofs and are approved, the claim appears as green and the claimer gets a balance on this token.

_images/MyPreviousClaims_approved.png _images/Wallet.png

If any verifier of a claim rejectes the provided proof, the entire claim gets rejected. It is not possible to recover this claim by resubmitting proofs - a new claim has to be made if the user wants to try again.

If verifiers depend on the approval of other users, they have a chance to add a message to the claimer together with their approval or rejection. This message is displayed on the respective proof submission site.